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The Performance Principle continues the story of Will Campbell, former project manager and newly promoted executive in charge of the Hyler manufacturing facility. The company has fallen on hard times and Campbell is given a year to turn around Hyler’s fortunes, a feat made all the more challenging because of the discontent among all of Hyler’s employees, from management to sales to the unionized shop floor. Over the course of several tumultuous months, Campbell and his team learn the unique principles of performance management and the powerful results it can deliver.

Unique, lively and powerfully effective, The Performance Principle illustrates the fundamentals of performance management, providing a model that allows the reader to understand exactly what motivates people in the workplace, and how to align this with the organization's strategy.

Looking for a different way to tackle projects? Written in the form of a novel, Making It Happen provides a fresh and practical approach to project management, presented in an interesting and memorable way.

Will Campbell, a reasonably competent middle manager, is suddenly thrust into managing a high-profile project that could make or break his career. Armed only with the guidance of his eccentric mentor, Martha, Will navigates the rough seas of company politics, treacherous competition, and a difficult project, narrowly evading many pitfalls, and mastering some indispensable project management tools along the way.

Against the backdrop of this personal drama, a simple, rational approach to project management unfolds. Will's ability to grasp these principles is the key to his survival, and could be the key to yours. Making It Happen enables the reader to transform risky, real-life situations into success.

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